Frequently Asked Questions

OCS is an Online Copy Catalogue System. It is an online cataloging tool and is a subset of IndCat. OCS helps librarians to promote cooperative cataloguing and avoid duplicate efforts.

All the Universities/Institutes across the country are welcome to adopt OCS. Some of the universities that had received the library automation grant from UGC under the 9th and 11th/12th Plan Periods, are required to contribute their book records in IndCat and OCS will help them to make this process automatic.

OCS is a middleware that works with LMS Server and IndCat Server. The user will be able to submit data directly to the IndCat and can download from the IndCat server, if it is available. This will help the libraries to avoid delay in submitting the data and real time updates will be displayed on IndCat. The libraries need not to submit offline data by sending MARC21 records or backup files of software.

Universities/Institutes can enter/contribute only bibliographic records of book data through OCS.

The Client System should have the installed OCS with Internet connectivity and library database server.

Currently, OCS supports SOUL and Other Library Management Softwares.

OCS supports MARC 21 bibliographic format.

There are three options namely
  • 1) Copy
  • 2) Copy as New
  • 3) Create New Catalogue
  • Basically Title (245), Name of Person (100), Added Entry of Person Name (700), Corporate Name (110), Meeting Name (111), Place of Publication (260$a), Publisher (260$b), Publication Year (260$c), ISBN (020$a), Physical Description (300$a), Edition Statement (250$a), Language (41$a), Series Statement (490), Class Scheme Notation (DDC) (082$a), Subject 1 (650$a), Subject 2 (653$a), Accession No. etc. fields are required for submitting the book data through OCS.